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Great Game Development Chat


A while back, I started working on a project that I was calling "Traveller: 5641". This would be a Traveller setting in which there were no Ancients (and therefore no Droyne, Vargr, or non-Terran humans). I wanted to run it as a PBEM, and then generate a "sourcebook" from the result.

I have been unable to come up with rules for the Game. I want help with this.

To this end, I am inviting interested individuals to come together and work with me to develop a set of rules for this development project.

The initial working session will be on IRC:
Channel: #traveller
Network: Undernet
Server: Point your client to either us.undernet.org or eu.undernet.org
Date: 5 October 2003
Time: 13:00 US Eastern Time (10:00 US Pacific Time, 17:00 UTC)

Further sessions to be arranged as needed.

This invitation has been posted to the TML, Traveller-Culture, Traveller_TNE, TNE-RCES, and Traveller_T20 lists, and to the Lone Star and Recruiting Office at Citizens of the Imperium. Please feel free to cross-post to other appropriate forums and lists; please also exercise caution to ensure that no forum or list gets spammed by this announcement.

Replies appreciated, but not required, to editor@freelancetraveller.com, subject should contain [T5641].

How did this work out for you? Any luck?

What do you have currently in terms of rules or concepts for this project?

With Thanks,