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Grav Belt specs


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The grav belt has been with us from the beginning. Originally 10kg and allowing travel up to 100kph, and a charge that lasts 10 weeks.

So, would someone tell me how much juice is in the grav belt's batteries... I'm assuming it uses batteries similar to the ones in the Laser Carbine and Laser Rifle:

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Battery mass Strength Power
3 kg 50 shots @ 4D ?
4 kg 100 shots @ 5D ?
? kg 0.005t x 10weeks ?</pre>[/QUOTE]
Here's another comparison: the air/raft.

From adventures, we know it has four nullgrav modules. It has the same performance as a guy in a grav belt.

So those four modules yield the same power against a four ton vehicle as that one module does to a person.

OK, they're more powerful, but they're still running on something like batteries (same operational life and the "charging metaphor is still used). So, how powerful are they? How much energy does their power source generate?
Being a non-canon person, and disliking anomalies, I designed a grav belt from scratch, using the Striker construction rules:

Grav Module: 0.0125MW, 0.125tons thrust, 0.0025m^3, 0.005tons, 250Cr.

Battery: 125MWs, 2.77hrs endurance, 0.005m^3, 0.005tons, 50,000Cr.

Harness: negligible size mass and cost.

Totals: 0.0075m^3, 0.01tons, max load 0.1ton.
bulk price 50250 x 0.4 = 20100 ~ 20kCr.

Governed to 30kph and 4m altitude (non-avionic NOE only)

Heavy Duty version (battledress):
0.03MW grav module, 300MWs battery, max load 0.25tons. bulk price 50kCr.

With a higher price, under 3 hours endurance and 30kph/4m limitations, these kept my players down to earth in all respects.
Thank you Icosahedron, that's the kind of things I want to see.

I have a canon bias, but I have no problem re-designing things that don't fit. I suspect the grav belt is one of those things. Your redesign helps inform me.

So your minimal nullgrav module has a power input of 12.5kW, and a performance of only 2.5 hours. KCr20.

The heavy-duty version uses 30 kW. KCr50.

I like the fact that the grav module is so cheap.

I'll aim for keeping the price at KCr100 and see what I come up with. Meanwhile, using your numbers, if I use five of those 12.5 kW batteries, the belt will displace over 300 liters... which seems pretty bulky.
Y'know, Icosahedron, the work you've done there doesn't necessarily have to be "non-canon". It's a big Imperium, out there, and not all Grav-Belts need be manufactured the same. There are MANY MegaCorps, and even smaller Corps that could be manufacturing Grav-Belt variants.

So a "traditional" Grav-Belt can go higher/faster. This belt you've designed might be marketed as a "Float-Harness" -- and it's manufacturer has cornered the market in this section of Known Space. That's why they are so readilly available to your players.

Of course, saying this would still allow the next group of armoured baddies your group encounters to possess "traditional" Grav-Belts -- which your guys can only salvage if they don't shoot up the baddies too much....

Quite the dilemma ^_~
Paniked Imperial official mode:

You mean there are people out there using non-Imperial Data Packet designs. But using designs not tested through centuries of time a millions of users can potentially be dangerous. The statistik....

I always assumed the designes in the equipment chapters are official IDP based stuff that is build all through the 3I since the centuries, always the same way. IDPs appear at least in MegaTraveller and are availabel cheap. The Imperium only buys those for small equipment. They also nicely match the "Great-Grandfather did it that way" attitude of the Vilanie

So I guess anything non-IDP is rare.
This is the FF&S2 version (someone might want to check my maths).

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;"> total mass available = 200kg

thrust needed = 2kN

item vol m3 mass t power MW price MCr
Hi-Eff CG-12 0.004 0.0026 0.0014 0.00004
Computer CM1-12 0.005 0.001 0.0019 0.00025
Flight Avionics 0.001 0.001 0.001 0.025
500km radio-12 0.001 0.002 0.0009 0.00467

fuel cell-12 0.01 0.01 0.0075 0.0002
10hrs fuel 0.013 0.0117 0.000013

fusion+ 12 0.01 0.02 0.048 0.0001
500hrs fuel 0.004 0.004 0.0000013

Mass = 6.6kg, price = Cr29,670

10hr fuel cell PP = 21.7kg, Cr213
500hr F+ PP = 24kg, Cr101

Top speed = 120km/h (40km/h NOE) </pre>[/QUOTE]