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Golden Age Starships 6: Corsair now Available!

Greetings. Golden Age Starships 6: Corsair is now available, detailing the classic 400 ton corsair. It includes details of 5 corsair bands (including T20 and CT NPC stats) operating in the Marches (although they could easily be moved to other times and parts of the Imperium).

Golden Age Starships 6: Corsair


Wow, you're on a roll! =)

P.S. --- is this based on the Vargr Corsair, or the Type P that was mentioned in Citizens of the Imperium LBB?
Very nice

How come some in the series have colour deck plans while the rest are black and white?
It is based on the type P corsair, but in actuality is based almost exactly on the T20 standard design.

Sigg, the ones with colour deckplans are done by Ron V, and are written collaboratively between Ron and myself (I do the fluff, he does the deckplans and stats). The ones which are BW deckplans are done by myself, and are a solo writing effort by myself.

Number 7 in the series is about 3 weeks away.

If my pirates were that one dimensional I should be writing for the upcoming sequel to "pirates of the carribean".

Shiver me timbers! Hoist the missile rack! Ahead to star-bd!