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Going Metric Articles on wizards.com


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These may be useful for folk who are converting d20 stuff to T20 or just need some Imperial to Metric tables handy.

Part 1 - general measurments, tactical movement, and speed
Part 2 - thrown, projectile, and spell ranges (the last could be useful for burst or similar weapons)
Part 3 - height and weight

Part 4 isn't up yet and will cover more equipment and encumberance (the latter is already in T20 tho)

Part four, General Equipment and Encumbrance, has been posted.

So if for some reason you need to know the weight of some basic items (not all of which are low TL only) in metric... ;)

Also the article has a different and easier to use carrying capacity list than T20. for example
STR 10 Up to 17 kg 18-33 kg 34-50 kg (Light, Medium, Heavy load)
instead of T20's 14.8kg, 29.7kg, 45kg.