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GM Screen


This might have been asked before, but...

Is the GM Screen still going to be produced? If so, when? If not, how about a PDF version for free download?

I remember reading recently, perhaps in the recent 'First Month' article, that QLI was working on a CT and a T20 Referee's Screen. If so, I'd expect them out a few months after the Domain Sourcebook gets out.

Hope this helps,
Can't wait for a GM screen!

I'm two games into my campaign and could really use a screen. It's a pain to flip thru the book when I need to reference something in the middle of combat AND i'm too lazy to type it up on a seperate cheat sheet.
Again, I have to say to those working on the screen- give us actual utility. The WotC D&D screen sucked rocks, it didn't show that much actually useful stuff. The Kalamar screen and the Hackmaster screen by Kenzer & Co, on the other hand, is totally packed with useful stuff (well, except maybe for the pizza matix; useful but not serious). Sure, it's 24 panel sides, and yeah, it's $20US, but it is sooo worthwhile. It really raises the bar on what a DM/GM/Referee screen can and should be. There is certainly enough tables in T20 and the OGL to fill more than a 3-4 panel, WotC D&D-like screen.

If you're interested at all, check out the Kalamar Screen online web-tour: Kingdoms of Kalamar DM Screen Clickable Web-tour