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Future Directions for the Future


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Like or not, Traveller is a very old ship/brand that is dramatic need of rebooting. T5 will help with that, as is the continued presence of this board and the steady stream of products from QLI/Avenger/SJG and whomever is producing things.

Loren is working on something hush, hush.

But, really, where is the (intellectual) property going. Even if we do go the route of a MMORPG. Surely, there must be something bigger and better. The way that I see it RPGs have been great enablers in stimulating the imagination but now that their era is passing away. They are not developing beyond their fan base.

How could we see further development? I have suggested that Traveller gets into LARPing by having costumes that are based on Traveller motiffs. I could also see that we should be making invites to the toy & model building communities. Comic & graphic novels. The possibility of creating virtual tales with miminal effort on the Internet that people can share through very simple to use graphic compilers by Open Sourcing some of the IP.
If it gets on YouTube, and is done as a series, it will get some fans. That doesn't mean they'll be playing it, of course, since RPGs are still a miniscule niche market.