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Fuel Capacities Question

I am currently in the process of developing a SpaceMaster campaign set in the New Era universe (specifically, it is to be a Star Vikings campaign).

Anyway, I'm using the New Era ship design/combat etc.. rules over those in Spacemaster. Unfortunately, I've run into a couple of problems with missing and/or unclear info.

Primarily, I'm wondering how to convert G-hours of fuel into a hard figure measured in tons.

I think I had a few other questions as well, but I seem to have forgotten what they were.
I've already got a few ship design spreadsheets, and I was hoping not to need to plug in all the info just to get fuel capacity ... fortunately, I found the traveller navigator files at the freelance link, and they've got all the ship specs complete with fuel capacity and spare energy (I have since realised that the refining times given in the core book also happen to list capacities, although it doesn't actually say that's what they are...)

As an aside, one of the big pros of running Traveller, as I have recently discovered, is the huge volume and variety of good quality material to be found on the net ... I keep finding more and more stuff. :cool: