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Free TA #2 w Preorder never received

I've tried to find a contact to bring this up with but can't seem to find one on the sites. When I pre-ordered the new T20 book, part of the pre-order said that I would be able to download a copy of TA #2 for free. I never received a link or information confirming that.

Is there anyone who can check on this?

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Originally posted by Zenon:
Find a post by Hunter and shoot him an email. He can look into this for you.
How? I can't seem to find anyway to actually email him - there is nothing listed, and none of the icons allow you to email the poster...
I have the same problem. But was waiting till later this month. To see if they were busy with every thing.
Yup. I ordered my THB from the U.S. of a *because* there was an offer of free stuff.

Unfortunately the link went nowhere and I have also been unable to download.

Got my T20 today. Cool.
When you ordered your copy of T20 and received your order confirmation via email there should have been a link to download your copy of TA2 in there.

As far as contacting us, there is an email address on your confirmation email, and you can always use the Contact Us link on the front page of the TravellerRPG.com website or on the CotI front page. There are just WAY to many posts here for me to catch all of the order issues that may be posted here on the boards.

If you have emailed us already and haven't heard back, shoot us another email. We are pretty much caught up now and should respond fairly quickly and get you squared away.

And there was much rejoicing...

After posting this originally, what I did was contact Quiklink about my order since I lost my confirmation email. Rose at Quiklink looked up my information and forwarded it to Hunter, who sent me the correct link and everything went smoothly. So that's another option (esp if you've trashed your original confirmation email), if you can give your name, billing, and shipping address to quiklink, they can forward the order info to Hunter as well to help you out.

But, my problem has been solved and I am much less frustrated.