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{FREE PLUG} Old FASA Material Available


Ancient - Absent Friend
For those who are intersted in the old FASA Traveller material, may I point you over to the Sovereign Games website.

They have a good bit of the old FASA stuff for sale, at good prices and shipped promptly. I just got my order today (one of everything!). They are all in mint condition (the Adventure Class Ships boxes stills shrinkwrapped), and got here in two days.

So grab yer credit cards and pay em a visit. I think its well worth it!


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Good recommendation, Hunter. A couple of weeks ago, I was able to complete my set of Adventure Class deckplans though Sovereign by buying vol. 2 (I was given vol. 1 by a fellow player back in '81). I also picked up Action Aboard which I'd been interested in for about two decades (not super-outstanding, but quite OK). It's good of you to let folks know about this opportunity.
Indeed this is a great guy who help fill in the holes of FASA deckplans. Strongly reccomended.