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Free Game Download Stuff...

I posted these little goodies in Random Static, but it seems they might get a little more exposure here. And, if any of you gamers out there are interested, I didn't want you to miss out on free stuff.

From Russia With Love, a rare, unreleased adventure for the James Bond RPG HERE.

Icar, a completely free science fiction rpg, HERE.

RECON, the original Viet Nam War rpg, HERE.

It seems to me there were some others, but I can't find my old posts.

Anyway, those might be useful to some of you.

Oh, yeah...here's one I forgot. Remember the great Fallout computer rpg? Well, not only are is a Fallout 3 computer rpg about to be released by Bethesda (and a $75,000,000 MMO is being developed for the internet), but a neat little pen-n-paper rpg has been written for Fallout--one that I think does a great job of capturing the flavor of the game's universe.

Fallout rpg, you can get it HERE.

Also note, if you like this rpg, that there are several (at least four that I've seen) supplements and world books (and even an adventure book) that I've seen written by various people for this game system--but curiously, they're not on the game's homepage. I guess you'll have to search for them.

I've seen a pdf GameMaster's screen and a Brotherhood of Steel sourcebook...a booklet of adventures...and some other goodies that aren't coming to mind right now.

This is a cool rpg if you liked the computer game and want to continue in that world.
The original Fallout was supposedly GURPS based mechanically until "something happened" and it was changed before being released. Conceptually, though, Aftermath is probably closest...
FUDGE is a free framework for an RPG word-based, rules-light system. It requires some work to get it off the ground, but I kinda like its 'feel'.