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Free Book of Beasts v4 with sci-fi d20 monsters


Hello all,

I wanted to tell you that the Book of Beasts v4 has just been released!

Hey! You should NOT miss it, because this is a FREE netbook. This is a compilation of new (and OGC) d20 creatures, with a full section on science-fiction creatures. In addition, there is now a few illustrations as well, including a nice extra-terrestrial (little green man) by myself :) (If Hunter considers this drawing worth of Traveller publications, I can do some more!!).

Anyway, this free netbook (2.1 mb PDF) is available at:

Comments about this netbook are always welcome!

Very cool. And there's a Netbook of Chocolate on the same site.

Keep in mind that this version is for version 3.5 of the SRD. I doubt that should make any real difference for use in t20 since you'd have to make some slight changes anyway.

By the way:
Version 5 is on its way, so if per chance you would like to submit illustrations or new monsters (in the sci-fi section for example), you are welcome.