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For Dummies...

mike wightman

SOC-14 10K
You may have seen the D&D for Dummies book, and you may have heard that there is a GURPS for Dummies book in the works.

I wish someone would do a Traveller for Dummies book...
True - mostly ;)
- but think of the possibilities offered by a 300+ page book that explains the history of the Traveller game, the setting in its many incarnations, and a full version of the CT rules, with extras...
examples of play, a guide to designing scenarios and campaigns, a gearhead primer...
Could we not adapt the Wikki from this site for that purpose. I have been long pondering why we as a community don't do more help our publishers. This way all the possible variations of Traveller could be reflected under one umbrella. I would volunteer to the MT entries, even though I still don't understand fully the task & cmbt system. But that is the great thing about Wikki others can fill in the blanks.
I say bring back book 0.

Summary of the base rules, concepts and ideals. No complex character creation or world creation. Basic task and combat rules.

Small form factor so that the size of it does not intimidate.
Broad brush stroke concepts on the cannon instead of detailed writeups.

And an adventure that allows players with absolutely no understanding of the game to learn as they play.

That is what I am doing with my home rule version of the game.

It is what I suggest as a dummies book.

best regards

I have grave doubts about the stability of Wiki, especially since all it would take is one Traveller hater to throw a wrench into the entire thing.

"Traveller For Smarties" though, has an appeal to it. It could be books 0-3 with some added essays and examples of play.
Something like the Moot is problematic (for instance, I cannot afford to be a member) or similar subsription based website. Could we not build safeguards into the Wikki?
“I say bring back book 0”
Good idea.

Either that or a “new” starter Traveller. Make it with three thin books as not to be intimidating.

Book the first: Introduction to Traveller
1. History of the Game
2. Universe background
3. Imperial history

Book the second: Book of Rules

Book the third: A book with the charts and tables.

Hmmm they could have jet black covers with red writing in kind of a sleek futuristic way. ;)
I would have no problem with a paper product but don't we have enough 'lite books out there?

I was thinking more of an evolving document that we could build layers of complexity into, just as the Dummies books do. Notwithstanding, almost with certainty, an new version Traveller will have a Book 0 compoient in it...However, what we moving toward proposing to do do what T5 aims to doing? (and therefore, redundant)

I would rather like to see a document that community could contribute to and build up as a Reference than another lite document.
I have been working extensivly on a group of documents, as time permits.

Book 0 Getting Started Guide
Book 1 Character Creation
Book 2 Equipment
Book 3 Combat
Book 4 Worlds
Book 5 Encounters
Book 6 Economics
Book 7 Space Travel
Book 8 Equipment Design
Book 9 Vehicle Design
Book A Starship Design
Book B Robot Design
Book C Small Arms Design
Book D Corporations
Book E Governments And Nobility
Book F Military Organizations

Each booklet is about 64-80 pages in size. Right now, most are far too large and I am spending alot of time either rewriting stuff or trimming out stuff that is not neccessary.

Unfortunately, for you guys, the game mechanics are aimed at our play groups needs and are not using any of the other Traveller mechanics.

Since I am targeting alot of new players in our area, I am making it very general. (an apt comment from robject when he did a first read).

I have decided not to include the magic rules that one of the playgroups had developed as they are still new and not ready for primetime.

So, the idea of a simple starting document that can be extended by specific to task books, is somthing that I not only recomend, that is what I am doing.

I heartily recommend it as, the T20 rules, preatty as it is, was too big and intimidating to get anyone interested to play.

best regards