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Font used for CT/MT logo?


I was thinking about doing my own Traveler PC sheet, and wondered if anyone know what fonts was used for the LBB or the MT rules? The word "Traveller" in the right font would feel so, appropriate, somehow.
Now, if I just could find that site where you could answer a bunch of questions about a font, and thus served a free font that matched the commercial font you can't afford (like e.g. Optima)
Border Reiver,

I have no idea if there's anything stopping you, but it seems to cost money when I google it up on the web.

I would like to use it, and I'm not going to sell my sheet or anything...
Do you happen to know any place I can download it, or a look-a-like for free?

The world of fonts online is just a mess. I mean, almost every place with free fonts have them sorted by category! And I mean stupid categories like "western", "handwriting" and similar. What a mess.
This is starting to be frustrating. Every damn site that claims to have fonts for free also links to that site I now have learnt to hate, www.fonts.com, which *sells* fonts. Sell all you like, but it totally ruins all my search results!


Keep googling...
Variants are good. It makes it easier to find!

Pizzadude and those alien fonts aren't very usable. Well, not any serious typesetting anyway. It's just goofy fonts.