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FnD Rules Variant #4: Low Bandit


Submitted is my alterations to High Guard that I use in my games. It is text light as I am experimenting with visual conveyance of data.

Low Bandit is good for fast moving, real time, three dimensional starship combats. All ships now move at constant rates with separate firing turns.

This makes combat fast to reslove and quite deadly!

I've just read your computer rules and I love them - finally AIs inserted into the sequence! Viva S.H.O.D.A.N!

The USP codes don't conflict with HG ones, right? Even if I won't the Low Bandit system as a whole, I could still use it to enrich my HG experience!

Thumbs Up!
I had to tweak the Computer Codes a bit, basically, if you get a ship with a Z computer, its basically a character. Z is special.

Need to revise Weaponry Codes and get 'em up to USP workable, hopefully with the goal of pulling all weapons into the same system somehow.

Then I want ot work on doing a standardized method of expressing the 3d, and changing hull hits to not 1-20.

Did you like the concept of quad turrets? What about most standard weapons being a quarter ton each?

The Low Bandit Add-On Pack. Free. It's Amazing.
Expanded Defenses, More features, Revised Spinal Mounts. Commodores "in the know" go with Low Bandit! Take High Guard to a new Low!

Yeah, that's right! Quad turrets!