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First Draft - Ship Sheet for T20

A number of minor nitpicking details. I'm not sure if this is for small ships (under 1000 dtons) designed for PC use or for all ships.

Switch the order of the Computer and the Sensor/Comm lines in the Ships Specs section.

Spell out "Specifications"

Armor Class section:
"='s" should just be "="
Seperate the boxes each with a + sign, so it would look like (total box) = 10 + (Armor box) + (Agility Box) + (size box) + (misc box).

You can reduce the number of lines in the weaspon section. No ship with have that many different weapon sytems.

The life support section is confusing. You only really need the Life Support Remaining.

I would like the vehicle section to be larger. A big ship can have more than one Hanger each of a different size.

The Picture should be larger (at least a 1/4 of the page) or removed.
on page 2: Under the crew section. Is this for lising the number of each crew in the section (for which it can be much smaller) or listing the names of the characters in the section (for which is should be larger).

Under Ships Finances: remove the refined fuel and unrefined fuel lines. These costs vary with each port you land at. Or you need to add lines for docking fees, cargo handing fees, life support costs, bribery slush fund, and piracy damage repair fund.

Under ship's equipment, replace "weight" with "size". The ships engines don't care how much the equipment weights, but the jump drive cares how big it is (in dtons).
Under the Ship's Crew section, you may want to have a place where notable skills are listed, so that there's an easy reference for them...

Just a thought,
Excellent feedback. I've sent these suggestions to Jen (my wife, she's the one actually doing this, I'm just giving suggestions and feedback) so maybe we'll see draft 2 at some point soon.

Thank you guys.