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Fighters Errata Questions :)


On page 311 I fighters are listed as tl 15 and on page 322 they are listed as tl 9 also I noted the design for a fighter was strangely devoid of weapons :(
Yeah, the TL's are a bit odd. The text description says TL 10

The design does have a hardpoint and turret. It leaves it up to you to decide on an exact weapons fit. Missiles seem most likely with that particular design, since adding any energy weapons will reduce its agility.
hmmmmmm it says that extra EP's can be used for agility in vehicles it doesnt say that for ships and the reason I bring this up is because the EP's in space ships recharge faster I believe and I also believe this could goto another forum
though not being able to have energy weapons to star fighters would be a magor drag however you might be right :( their isnt any known agility system for space craft that I seen though I just got the book today :\

edit nope does not think formula for agility on page 252 works (probably doing it wrong :(

"Once you have calculated the required EP cost of all installed components, if the installed Power plant produces excess Energy Points beyond those required, these may be used to increase the agility of the ship itself while in combat"

I had a look at the TL9 fighter - It seems fine. The Text has a typo saying it's TL10, but other than that, everything seems to add up. It even has a triple turret. So if you store the fighter inboard, it takes up 18 dT?

There is a typo against it's agility - the nuimber is right, but it should read (+1EP).

Of course, if you stick a laser in the thing, you can either dodge or shoot - Worrying.

(I'd be tempted to give it a mining laser plus two missile racks - The mining laser only take 0.5 EP so you would still have 3 Agility - and you can use it as a defensive laser or when dogfighting.
Found another mistake on the same page - It's got the price for a model 1 computer horribly high - so the total cost is affected.

Should be 2.0MCr I think - which reduces the total cost to 14.925 without weapons - much more reasonable. (then 20% discount -> 11.94MCr)

I'll post on the Errata page.
For Ships, Agility is

Extra EP / (1 per 100 tons of ship)

so for the fighter this is better expressed as
EP* (100/tonnage)

== EP*6.6666 (round down)

With one EP the Agility is 6. With half an EP, agility drops to 3.

Agility is maxed at the Man Drive - so extra EP wouldn't make it any more nimble (although you oculd fire a laser at the same time).

An easy upgrade later would be to put in a more advanced power plant - a TL 15 would produce roughly 7 EPs (you could fit in nearly 4 units - each one generating 2 EP) so the weapons could be changed to a Particle or Fusion gun!! then it starts getting ouchy.
Dump some of the cargo. I don't think that fighter really needs 2.2dt of cargo space. Maybe that can fit in another power plant.
If you wanted to redesign it into a purely combat vehicle (as the name fighter might otherwise suggest) -

Remove the extra couches, the cargo space, bump the Computer up to model 2 (plus sensors etc). Drop the endurance to 1 week (unless you give the pilot a fresher etc 6 hours is the max anyway)

There is still 3dT internal space to fill - Make the power plant twice as big.

So you can shuffle 2EP off to weapons and still have agility 5 (6 if any less than 2EP spent)

I was origionally tempted to add a missile magazine - but a single crewman can't really reload - better to let the carrier crew do it.

Alternatively, if you like the "Star Trek" type fighters, replace the Cargo with a small cabin, replace the Couch with a Fresher. The 4 Week endurance now makes sense - It's the sort of craft that give carriers a huge "reach" -
Tell me if I'm wrong according to the ships agility factor equation under space craft power supply would 15 ton craft such as the fighter listed on page 322 agility cost .9 ep and not 1 ep bear with me ships agility rating is duduced by the extra EP 1 per 100 tons and agility can be no higher then the max manueverablity which would be six G's and and the agility rating on 1 ep per 100 tons now the fighter only has 15 tons so 15 X 6 (for the +6 agility we want would be 90 tons and still not to the full 100 tons (so by the time it reached 90 tons it would have paid for its self 6 times over)so the ships manuverablity would be from the excess .9 ep not the 1 EP so one could still have room for a efficent laser beam or pulse laser tell me if I'm wrong(as for for the aurgument it says round factions down that is precisely what it says but it doesnt say round factions up) just some thoughts tell me if I'm wrong
thanks oh and maybe a designer can clear this mess up
on a further note the extra .9 EP would be totally useless if it was intrepeted any other way I think and I hope whoever reads this understands what I'm trying to say

Edit: Cleaned up

Edit P.S We do this nitpicking on DnD boards so I assume its probably alright but if its not I would appreciate this post to be deleated and to be e-mailed about it thanks oh and sorry for the long winded sermon
Very Close.

0.9Ep for Agility and 1EP for Man Drive.
I'm just stoked that I can use a decent laser weapon on
now I just wonder if I should put beam or pulse laser what would be better for defending a big ship it says pulse cant be used for defense but I'm wondering if this is regular defense or if you could knock out missles headed for your cap ship
New question does +6 agility come from +6 EP because in the Agility rating it says its +6 agility +6 EP is that a erroroid ?