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FFE next CD ROM poll

Regardless of what CDROM project is up next on his list.....

I just hope MWM does NOT discontinue the awesome "Books 1-3 Classic Reprint". Why the hell do I say this? Because it is probably the single best item to give away or to introduce to a new-to-Traveller neophyte. This book is a mere $12, and it is the best way to introduce prospective players into the stunning simplicity of CT, without asking them to fork over $35 worth of money. This LBB-sized booklet would be an awesome BIRTHDAY GIFT (or Christmas present) actually.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about the thing below:

Ten sides.

That's all it would take to make the best intro to Traveller book possible IMHO.

Ten sides.

Take the book above that Maladominus has mentioned, add eight pages from Citizens of the Imperium, and two pages for the task system.

You could even get by leaving out the task system...

ahh well...
Seems the Twilight 2000 folks are getting out in front (total for two editions is more than for all the CT stuff!), folks. Do something about it!
Actually, I was one of the ones who voted for the Twilight stuff. Since, most of the work is already done (looking over the Drive Through site), it would mean less of a delay for CT goodness to come down the pipe. Therefore, if you want to see CT/T5 come quicker then vote for Twilight.

Plus, this the one milieu plus 2300AD that seems better suited for CD ROM. CT, you want to be able to savour in paper.