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Feul tank structure?


I am currently building a early {TL 8/9} exploration ship without a jump drive, 100 dTons, travelling 3 lightyears, at 10% lightspeed, 35 days of acceleration at each end and back total feul burn about 3300 dtons,
how much structure should I allow for the feul tank structure?
Assuming you're using HEPlaR, I don't think you're going to get up that fast. You'll want to use a fusion rocket, or the traditional Traveller maneuver drive.

I'm not sure what you're asking, though. Do you mean, how many Gees should you build to? That will depend on your ship, but probably 1G, judging by the other figures you've given.

If you're worried about radiation shielding, 10% of C probably won't require much more than a slower ship, but you might want to put a big active sensor on it to give the ship plenty of lead time, and sufficient maneuvering fuel to avoid big rocks. Just in case. Considering the amount of fuel used by the reactors in FFS, this might not be trivial.

If you're building your tanks as disposeable, then you'll have to design them a little like they're craft themselves, which will get docked to the main ship.

If none of that is an answer, then please restate your question.