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Feats/Flaws idea?


I've been thinking of introducing a Feats/Flaws system.

I was looking through the SWd20 rulebook and I noticed they had two feats which were very similar, but had different roleplaying implications: Fame, and Infamy.

The implications ought to be obvious. Let's take a soldier character. You want to play a soldier, a war veteran, and you want to select Fame. Perhaps you're famous in some circles for bravely attacking a pillbox, or leading your troops to victory, or whatever. But what if you were infamous at the same time?

Remember Babylon 5? Sheridan was the only Earthforce captain who won a victory against the Minbari. That carries with it a certain amount of prestige, I'd think. But what did the Minbari call him? Sheridan Starkiller, because they're just a little bitter he sucker-punched them in the 'nads.

I'm not sure exactly where I want to go with this, but I'm thinking of adding a Flaws feature to the system. How this will work is open for ideas.

Maybe I want to play a Rogue who's your typical fantasy back-stabbing sneaky rogue (so I have Sneak Attack and Skill Focus: Move Silently), and at the same time he got 'Deathmark' on his Flaws list - he pissed off the wrong Wizard and every so often he's assailed by magical bounty hunters or something. Or maybe he has a 'special relationship' akin to Cugel and Icounou.

Maybe I want to play a Jedi who's arrogant? Mechanically, perhaps he has a -2 to Diplomacy checks or something. But the important point is that he's Arrogant, for whatever reason, and I roleplay him like that.

It's a Cyberpunk game and I want to play a computer hacker who's also good at kung fu, but also nurses a tragic drug dependency...

etcetera etcetera. Thoughts? Opinions? D20 Feces-flinging*?

* AKA "Argh! The horror! The horror! Someone mentioned D20! I'm going to defenestrate you!"
Sounds like a good idea to try, let us know how it works in play

You've just highlighted one of the strengths that T20 has IMHO - compatibility with the whole host of D20 stuff out there; some of which is excellent, some a little less so
I have always liked systems that allowed some form of bonus/disability trade-off: RM Companion (SMs disabilities sucked, though), James Bond, etc.