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Uncle Bob

SOC-14 1K
General Dynamics Land Systems has released some info on the Future Combat System.
The thumbnails connect to 800x512 pictures
And a poster that shows them all at once
The integrated design team of General Dynamics and United Defense has responsibility for manned ground vehicles before the Systems Development and Demonstration (SDD) phase, during SDD and in the Low Rate Initial Production phase. General Dynamics is leading the manned ground vehicle common design development with United Defense, Lead Systems Integrator and U.S. government participation. General Dynamics also has leadership of the Mounted Combat System [formerly the Line-of-Sight/Beyond-Line-of-Sight System], the Reconnaissance & Surveillance Vehicle, and the Command and Control Vehicle designs. Our teammate, United Defense, has leadership responsibility for the Infantry Carrier Vehicle, the FCS Recovery & Maintenance Vehicle, the Medical Vehicle, the Non-Line-of-Sight-Cannon, and the Non-Line-of-Sight-Mortar designs.
This is the Infantry Carrier Vehicle