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Favorable write up on the Zhodani Consulate


SOC-14 5K
Challenging all those gifted writers and would be hacks to come up with a favorable description of the life in the Zhodani Consulate and everyday from a Zhodani viewpoint akin to what DGP did with their Alien Modules.

I have read through the GT & CT & MT descriptions but would want some more color than those grey descriptions. Consider the gauntlet tossed.
I thought this was already done in the original Zhodani Alien module/sourcebook. IIRC, the descriptions made everything sound positive -- you had to read between the lines to understand the real situation.

Maybe I'm remembering it wrong. But that is the impression that has stuck with me (it's been years, maybe even decades, since I read the Zhodani sourcebook).
It is not so much that I cannot read between the lines. In fact, the Alien Modules do justice to the Consulate but this is a writing contest (save, no prizes awarded).

Paint me, a picture of the Consulate so as to inspire greater creativity that will unfold.
Ok, I have decided to sweeten the pot...

The winner of a two page (or more) description of daily life in the Zhodani Consulate will recieve a copy GT Power Projection (uncut counters). Contest ends: August 30th. Post on this board, at which point, I invite the Board to send me a PM which story they think is best. You will not be allowed to vote for yourself.
What would you like? A "Short Story" like in the roleplaying examples in the DGP Alien books? Or a "Presentation" as in the opening chapters of said books, a la "I am Tiestebr. Let me explain our society to you"?


Could be in the form of a Short Story or narrative piece a la DGP Alien write-ups. Preferably, not written in the first person but I will leave it up to the author.