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Farscape on BBC3 and Chris Morris on 4


SOC-14 1K
To all those in the UK who liked or are curious about Farscape, it has started a repeat run on BBC3 at 12.10am every Mon to Thurs.

That is, if you can put up with the godawful 'young-hip-twentysomethings' who present the 'Destination 3' magazine slot. You'll want to kill them. I do....

However, Chris Morris' new show 'Nathan Barley' starts on Fri night (10pm C4) which aims its acid wit at just these kind of vacuous, moronic, arrogant, numb-nutted, fashion-victim, unpleasant, tiny-minded, snobbish, over excited, over paid, wannabe coke-headed, potty mouthed, celeb obsessed, supcilious media tossers.

That feels better ;)