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Famous Last Words


This must have been done before, but I don't recall seeing it since I joined the forum. What is the most memorable thing your players have said (last words or otherwise)?

To start you off, in a demo game two of my players had the following conversation shortly before things went horribly wrong for them:

1: "I thought you said you could drive this thing?"

2: "No, I actually said I WOULD drive this thing!"


After wasting the Big Bad in a Shadowrun game: "The quarterback is TOAST!"

This became a recurring in-joke in our gaming club.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time."

"Yes." <== after being asked twice by the GM if the player was sure that he wanted to do something.

"Here goes nothing..."

"Sure, why not?"

"Aw, come on, how bad could it be?"

"Hey, we can take them!"
Originally posted by David Elrick:
This must have been done before, but I don't recall seeing it since I joined the forum. What is the most memorable thing your players have said (last words or otherwise)?
"Well, this has always worked before so..."

"This button?" <CLICK> <BOOM>
Player 1: "The Aslan just shredded the Engineer."
Player 2: "Why?"
Player 1: "He found out what 'psychotic' means."

Player: "What happened to him?"
GM : "He died horribly."
Player: "What killed him?"
GM : "He died horribly."
Player: "Yeah, but how did he die?"
GM : "Horribly."
Player: "What injuries did he have?"
GM : "Horrible ones."

"Hey, I remember you - didn't I murder your family?"

Yanika : "Where the Hell is this capital city, anyway?"
Seamus IV: "Four days from here, to the North. Remember to ride quickly."
Yanika : "Why?"
Seamus IV: "Because otherwise, it will take more than four days..."

I've got hundreds of 'em...
"I hate space. Every time I end up in space, there is an episode of explosive decompression." (What do you think killed this one? I think he was precognitive)

"I land the ship on the top of the large monster to save Gary's character." (Which was more truthfully fatal for Gary's character, given a catastrophic failure on the piloting roll)

Player 1: I take my helmet off and let him <Player 2> fix my wound.
GM: You hear a knock at the door. (Other player hands ref a note....)
Player 1: I turn towards the door.
GM to Player 2: Roll some dice. <rattle rattle>
GM to Player 1: You turn towards the door. You hear Player 2 rummaging around, presumably in the med-kit. You cover the door. The last thing you hear is a noise behind you. It sounds like "click-clack". It *may* have been followed by a loud "boom" but you aren't really sure as that coincided with blackness for you.....
Both characters blinded. Single file formation.

R. I can't see, fall back!
T. No, I'll waste him with my SMG!
T. R__? Where are R__?
R. Dumb-ass!
Pol: "I take off my helmet to shout at Bob."
Ref: "You take off... Are you sure you want to do that?"
Pol: "Yes! I take my *&^%$#@! helmet off..."
Ref: <*sigh*> "Lesse, world is SIZ-4, ATM-0..."
Pol: "... and I scream my *&^%$#@! lungs out!"
Ref: "Yes, Pol. You certainly do."
Player 1, whispered: "I use my telekinesis to fire Ott-O-MTC's cone rifle. What's he got loaded?"

Your Friend The Computer: "Tac-Nuke"
Player: "Eh, all planetary security goofs are alike, slow and cross eyed ..."
GM: "So, do you take cover?"
Player: "Why bother?"

Player1: "I pull the pin and throw it"
Player2: "Yeah baby!"
GM: "You throw what""
Player1 (caught in the moment): "The pin"
GM: "You throw what?"
Player2 to player1: "Man, this is awesome"
Player1: "I throw the pin, you idiot"
GM: "Okay, you idiot!"

GM: "I don't know, this guy looks pretty serious."
Player1: "He's bluffing, he won't shoot"
Player2: "You sure?"
Player1: "Yeah, he's bluffing ..."

GM: "Arcs of electricity are leaping from the controls ..."
Player1: "I attempt to repair"
GM: "How?"
Player1: "I open the panel and ..."
GM: "Not so fast, sparky" ::roll::

GM: "You smell ozone and your hair stands on end as you approach the glowing panels"
Player1 to player2: "You go first ..."

Ah, the smell of crisping flesh brings tears to my eyes everytime!
I think that our group is healthy enough to try one more door................ (last words in a "dungeon crawl")

Ever since 1980, became known as the "More-door" Rule by our group......even without ringwraiths.
This did not happen in a Traveller game. But in my 7th sea game.

One of my players had been in a fight and was stabbed. Of course we were playing in the area of the 7th Sea world that is equal to France. The player was bleeding and almost dead, severely wounded.
he was being helped by another player and the PC belted this out...
{looks down at white shirt covered in blood, places his hand over the wound and utters} Mon dieu! Red is not my color! { and then dramatically feints }

Was one of the best lines I'd ever heard.

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