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Fading Suns 2e free on DTRPG!



Anyone interested in 40k/Dune-like space fantasy should check out DTRPG this week - the freebie is the Fading Suns 2e corebook (and it's in original electronic format too, which means no wonky scanned pages and it's only about 6MB in size too).

This is an awesome scifi game, full of rather good ideas. Might not be fully compatible with Traveller, but well worth checking out (especially for the price - i.e. free!)
Thanks for the heads-up! I had been thinking of buying it (after watching the Dune mini-series of sci-fi channel on DVD awhile ago), but never got around to actually doing it - now I don't have to. Yay! :cool:
I'm still smarting from paying full price for it two weeks before they gave it away last time - buggers!

It is an awesome setting though.

Fading Suns is an EXCELLENT Sci-Fi/Fantasy setting. I own most of the original system and the D20 spin-off. I do find some aspects of its setting a bit on the juvie side, but overall its quite enjoyable.

When you drop it along side any Traveller-based RPG though, its like comparing Chutes 'n Ladders against say, any modern wargame.

But considering a few of my gamers are in the 20-something age range, we've had some fun with FS.

Their D20 conversion is, however a frickin' joke. If you use D20 expect to tweak it a bit if not re-write it (as I have done).
I was wondering what you found on the Juv side. As I found it to be more mature than say GURPS Traveller. Whilst, I concide that MT (especially, Hard Times) & TNE/T4 were much darker hence more adult settings...they still are pretty white compared to some aspects of Fading Suns. Granted the Symbiots are not what we thought they were and the Vorox would make pretty mean Vargr...
^ I was rather disappointed too with the rather mundane origins of the Symbiote threat, boo hiss! I might just stick to my first printing of the rulebook out of protest.

As for the adolescent nature of FS, I can only add that FS can be as gritty as Cyberpunk, as chilling as Call of Cthuhlu, or as fantastic as AD&D; it's all a matter of choice for the GM and players. I've personally found FS to be very adult if and when the right players are involved.
Thanks heaps for the heads up! I bought the game when it came out years ago, but having a pdf copy is muy bueno.

My thoroughly heretical Imperium uses some elements of FS setting fiction to inject a bit of Dune into MTU.