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Explosive Decompression.


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The rules for decompression are incorrect in that a 100 cm square hole is not 1 meter square. Other than the confusion of the area, the rule may be confusing.

Steve Schonberger, on the JTAS boards, was confused and posted this suggested update:
For the 14 cubic meter space with a 100 square centimeter hole, it takes about 4.81 seconds for the pressure to drop to 50% For the same space and hole, it takes about 13.3 seconds to drop to 15%. Since the game uses six-second turns, it's probably reasonable to approximate those figures as 6 seconds to 50% (actually 42%) and critical hypoxia, and 12 seconds to 15% (actually 18%) and imminent unconsciousness (in 12 seconds, or 6 for sickly characters). The rules for scaling the
speed of decompression for the volume and hole size would still apply as written.
If you'd like to see the source of these rules from Real Life: http://www.sff.net/people/Geoffrey.Landis/vacuum.html