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Expedition looking for crew of 8+ Columbus Ohio

Forgive me of my spelling in my hasty posting

I am looking for a few good player an some new one's or Novice's i also seek for a GM too. there are time i would like to play insted of hosting all the time.

i have a Freighter the Edmenfitgerald Jump 4 TL 16 and Lewis & Clark Expedition frieghter 500 ton jump 4 new desine terran Freighter includes larger state rooms an two Exscape pod pully ferbish for survival. one shuttel. all stream lined hydrogen off road vehical 6x6 and a two over cycles very fast one's. TL16

if interrested contact Lt Col Timberwolf must be able to buy bear 21 or older at least be 18 show ID at the store. will play at the comic shop off of morse rd columbus ohio or at my home when we know each other from gaming.

PS if you have Star Maps please bring them and your charicturs and ships if you have one if you dont i have a fine shops! i also have the good ship loly pop it is a good ship
if you like good cooking an you can cook i do pot lucks time to time as i game, i am looking for 8+ gamers dues not matter if you do not have to much exspience but it helps

you must bring you own dice mechanical pencel an calculator,scratch paper, a figur of some kind small for the ship maps. lap tops are allowed an encouraged if you atre a ship capt or first officer.

Hello Timberwolf...

A few friends of mine and I are involved in a Traveller D20 game on Wednesday nights at the 'Soldiery' directly behind the 'Laughing Ogre' on N. High St. It's been goin for a couple weeks now and we've already got a ship, but if you want to play feel free to stop by and see how things go for an evening, maybe chat with the GM