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Errata for TNE?

Yes, it was in one of the now out of print challenge magazines, I think they also put some in one of the later TNE books, but can't remember which one. I will go and check


There is the Upgrade Booklet, 0302/E1, for the main TNE/FFS rulebooks. This include rules clarifications and errata to TNE up to 1993, and errata for FFS to the same year. There was an article in Challenge 75 with the full errata to take the first printing of FFS to the second printing. This was dated 1994.

I don't know if there were any updates to either, or indeed any of the other books in the line.

IF you need a copy I don't mind getting you a scanned PDF.


PS I like Malmö - I'll have to go back sometime soon.
Hi Leighton,

I would very much like to have the errata PDF. I will send you my e-mail as a private message.

Glad you like Malmö, I do too...:-D