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[Errata] Annual Maintenance Costs for Spacecraft


This may have been discussed already, there have been so many threads and postings that I know I’ve missed several, but here goes anyway.

On page 349 the text says that “An annual maintenance overhaul will cost 0.01% (1/1000th) of the original (new) cost of the ship.”
0.01% is actually one-ten thousandth; 0.1% would be the correct figure for 1/1000.

Just to simplify, I suggest replacing the percentage with a direct multiplier factor
Ex: Annual maint. overhaul cost equal original (new) cost multiplied by 0.001

I believe that text has the percentage for routine maintenance (0.0025%) correct, but again, I suggest replacing the percentage with a simple multiplication factor (ie: 0.000025)

So, just to run the numbers as I see them, take a Free Trader as an example.
The new cost of a Free Trader is MCr 50.64; just to simplify, let’s call it MCr50.

Annual Maintenance Overhaul = MCr50 * 0.001 = MCr 0.05
Routine Maintenance = MCr50 * 0.000025 = MCr 0.00125

Now, if a Free Trader Captain has Routine Maintenance performed 10 months out of a year, the Annual Maint. Overhaul is reduced by 50% (5% per month of Routine Maint, 50% max). So, the total costs for the years maintenance would be:

Annual: MCr 0.05 * 0.5 = MCr0.025
Routine:MCR0.00125 * 10 = MCr0.0125
Total Costs: MCr0.0375 (Annual Overhaul + 10 months of Routine Maint)

The text states that performing 10 months of routine maintenance a year will result in an overall savings of 20% each year, but MCr0.0375 is 75% of MCr0.05 (cost of annual maint with no routine maint), so performing 10 months of routine maintenance reduces the overall costs of maintenance for the year by 25%.
Deja-Vue, this does sound so familiar. The way my players handle annual mant. is to get there ship destroyed, stolen or impounded before they have to pay it.