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Equipment Sizes


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Here's a thought. Lots of equipment in Traveller shrinks as TL increases. So how about an indexed table of sizes that can be used to represent size changes with TL changes?

It's not perfect, because TL changes aren't linear, and the technology that changes isn't necessarily steady. But the idea is to have a one-stop reference for size changes... sort of EABA-like I think.
Too many variables. Different things change at different rates (cell phones shrink rapidly, TVs get *bigger* before getting flatter, and guns don't change at all).
I just use a simple "Tech" items half in weight at each additional TL. Gun size is a product of ergonomics, like clothing, but the IR sight should get smaller.

[TV got both bigger and smaller at the same time, try purchasing a 2" color TV in 1972 - now it comes standard on a cell phone]
Too many kinds of equipment, perhaps. From a playability angle, though, a few variables could address a few classes of major electronics -- avionics, computers, sensors, and jammers.