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Enlistment/Re-enlistment question.


I just began rolling up some test characters for a campaign that I am converting from T4. This seems basic but what is the role to enlist initally? I am sure I am missing something! Right now I am assuming that the re-enlistment role is also enlistment role. Is this correct?
Thanks for any pointers.
Hi Hendel and welcome aboard :D

There is no enlistment roll, you just need to be qualified. This is explained on p. 124 "Employment". To enter a specific Prior History (career) for a term you must:

1) have at least one level in the corresponding class, either by making it your initial class or multiclassing, or by virtue of OTC in University

2) not have been in the previous term engaged in the same Prior History (career) (i.e. mustered out by: choice, failed survival roll, or failed reenlist/continued roll)

3) if entering a service Prior History (career) you must be 33 years old or younger (though I say for MTU you must be no less than 4 years below the Middle Age entry on the tables on p. 114) and meet the initial requirements but do not need a previous level in the corresponding class.

That at least is my interpretation. If I haven't forgotten something. You might also check out DrSkull's Detailed Prior History Example