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as part of playing around with the lower end of the tch scale... any resources on line with propulsion systems? thinbking turbojets, ram jets etc for a low tech orbital transfer shuttle.

I've got the stuff in Hard Times but me wants more.. and till the MT CD-Rom is done me not happy.. having to wait..

I'm trying to factor this sort of stuff into me spreadsheet revision for the next version and am after some sample performance data
The only source I know of for that stuff is the MT COACC sourcebook, which isn't online anywhere I know of. Try the GearHead Ring for Traveller; I think there's a forum for GearHeads somewhere, I just don't recall where.
If by on-line you mean free, no. OTOH, you can buy most of the old MT books (and I'm sure COACC is on the list) as PDF from DriveThruRPG. Various Fires Fusions and Steel would be sources also.
this is what i figured, not actually after a 'conon' list ast the mo (i'll get coacc when the cdrom is done) more the format, i'm assuming they are like the pre-gravetic engines from hard times but don't want to make that assumption electronically since once i've got my structures sorted out i'll database the thing, which can be kinda hard to change.

I'll have a look for gearheads though ;)
Claire - if you're waiting for the MT CDROM, you may be in for a long, long wait. The prices for the PDFs on DriveThruRPG.com are dirt cheap, and as long as you can put up with the Adobe DRM silliness (at least until Marc gives his OK for the watermarking instead) I'd suggest you grab what you need there.

They are scheduled for watermarked; I don't know if they've been converted yet.