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Ending the War


At the end of a major war their are always lots of loose ends to tie up. There are a surplus troops without a war to fight-especialy Mercs which can easily turn to piracy. Then there are the "little guys" which took advantage of the war to pursue their own quarrels. Their are refugees everywhere, and so on and so forth. At the end of the Fifth Frontier War, for instance their were still a lot of Vargr Corsairs wandering arround. Could a campaign be done arround winding up a war?
Indeed it could be and the little adventure in the old CT Spinward Marches Campaign book is pretty much that. The characters are just out of the service after the 5th Frontier War and at loose ends in the border worlds when they get swept into some of those machinations. A great point to launch such a campaign from. Of course such a campaign is likely to only last a short while, eventually it would have to move to something else as all those loose ends and cannons are tied up. It could then become one of winning the peace or just capitalizing on it depending on the group.
if you are looking for some source material to use for this type of setting, many of the stories in the Man-Kzin Wars series have a similar setting and just generally make excellent reading.