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End of Farscape


What do you think of the way they ended the Farscape series?

Criton proposes to Erun, then they get blasted to particles by an alien ship coming out of nowhere.

Complete bumber of an ending.
I have to say I liked it a lot. It was much better than the usual "they lived happily ever after" you usually see on tv. It's impact is greatly lessened, however, by the fact that they didn't edit out the "to be contiuned" at the end of the episode. What this tells you is that Crichton and Aeryn aren't really dead or else they can be easily revived with the right technology. So really it ends with us not knowing how they get out of this situation. Maybe they'll make a FARSCAPE movie...
I wanted to kill them for that ending...but I really love it :eek: ;) .It fit the show so totally perfectlly.As Crichton always says nothings ever easy with him.Loved the scene with his dad.All together a cool ending. And yes their talking about a movie or two to follow up.
So was that It? Or is it a two parter? Hey, if they turned Crichton into a statue, cut his head off and STILL brought him back, there's always hope, what?

Blast! Now there really IS nothing to watch on TV...

Originally posted by vegascat:
Criton proposes to Erun, then they get blasted to particles by an alien ship coming out of nowhere.
The first rule of television science fiction is: DON'T FALL IN LOVE.

They always kill off one or the other, or both. It's called cheap melodrama.

Of course, Farscape somehow avoided the second rule: wrap up the series in six weeks, 'cause you're going to be cancelled at that point.
I didn't like it. I'd much preferd to have had it all end without a real resoultion, something like the alien ship making a straffing run on them and the two of them rowing the boat back towards moya, John rowing and wisecracking and Aeryn blazing away as the camera pulls back further and further 'till they're gone. Leaves it all up in the air then, and ends with things going pear-shaped again, as usual.

But didn't the alien with the amazing expanding head in the ship say something like "capturing target for evaluation"? AFAIK there are no firm plans for a follow up movie but "its being discussed" along with an anime sequal.