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Emergency Escape Vehicles



Talking of lifeboats in Kureka Gigur's 400t Trader thread got me thinking about escape vehicles in general.

I'm not personally keen on the idea of dedicated escape pods or lifeboats on small ships (less than 2000 dtons or so). They take up valuable space and are only used once - when the ship is abandoned. Furthermore, they are unlikely to have much built-in survivability: tiny drives, low duration, primitive controls, you name it.

On the other hand, dual purpose craft like launch/lifeboats are only useful up to a limit. Even a dreadnought is unlikely to need thatmany runabouts.

Someone mentioned escape capsules mounted on unused hardpoints. I think these are a bit limited,as you're only going to get a maximum of one per 100 dtons, which is only going to be sufficient if there aren't that many passengers.

And then along comes the inflatable spacecraft. Mount these on your hardpoint, and on an emergency they inflate and you have a nice little 10 dton emergency vehicle instead of the 1 dton capsule.
So, do I have a case for intellectual property theft

Inflatable Lifeboat
Originally posted by Valarian:
You'd need a linear accelerator behind that needle ...

From the original article:
On a full-scale module, each wall would be 40cm (16 inches) thick.
You should go for it, Dan - I mean, how much could Robert Bigalow possibly afford to pay his lawyers after this project?
Originally posted by far-trader:
So, do I have a case for intellectual property theft
It's in the pubic domain - that gives a date. Go for it!

On the other hand, there is that signature! :rolleyes: Non-profit use?
Originally posted by Rover:
Just today an inflatable space station was launched in Russia. by a private firm no less.
Ok, who's not been clicking on the links in the first post? ;)
So, it's been almost an entire day, where are the Traveller specs for one of these TL8 beauties? Where are the TL improvements?

Come on people, you need to get working!
I'm at work, and most of my GET books are still packed away from my recent move. But interestingly there is something similar as a personal item. I believe it's simply called a life bubble, or a rescue bubble. This is a last resort, emergency "life vest" for space. It is a transparent membrane with a "zip-lock" opening. A small unit inflates the bubble and provides air and minimal heat for several hours (not sure if it's 4 or 8). It only holds one occupant and has no way of propulsion. It has a small transmitter to "ping" its location, and simply floats away from and damaged / decompressed ship. Occupants have no way of exiting the bubble until on board a rescue ship. I'm not sure what the cost is. I suppose if you climbed inside with a back suit, you could extend your air for a few more hours.
Transparent might not be such a good idea for a rescue bubble. At most, a small 'porthole' with an internal cover would be safer.