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Duke Craig, Daibei and the Rebellion


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Although few are interested in the Rebellion, I detect a happy few who like the idea of setting a campaign in the Rebellion in Duke Craig's domain of Daibei.

I hope this post will inspire ideas for the mutual development of the Daibei campaign during the Civil War and Hard Times (and beyond if you like!)

Place your contributions here......

Elliot Vernon
cRoss Posted from Adventurers...by Liam Devlin:
"My Oldest Character, now an NPC. Started of CT (Scout turned IBIS/ the did the MT thing a while, including Arrival Vengenace module with the Memphis Group of Gamers "Second Skin Incorporated" (Joseph Brown, Brian Gibson (Artist extraordinaire now with T-20 hereabouts), Robert Green, and several others, including Megan Janvis' player, & later my lady wife and chatelaine of this house, Paula Marie Thompson)...
As wellas Karen (Mr Brown's 6'2" red haired lady wife, and player of Tzabra, a Darrian Merchant princess married to the Marquis Logan Drak)...

Martin Francis Rourke
By Liam Devlin
UPP: 9B*89DA-8-A!
(* Denotes age reduced stat/ ! denotes Starburst for Extreme Heroism, honorary Knighthood equivalent)
Age: biological, 35/ chronological, 119(@24 on anagathics, 60 in lowberth).
Race: Solomani-Human
Birthplace: Hefry/Regina-Spinward Marches Sector
Birth date: 305-1085 (November 26th)
Career Path:
1083-1100- childhood
1101-1104- undergraduate school, Regina Subsector capital
1105-1106-IISS service, Fifth Frontier War. Wounded; Highly decorated; discharged.
1106-1109- Undercover Agent, IRIS (Dingir/Solomani Rim) promoted. @
1110-1113-Undercover Agent, IRIS (Terra/Solomani Rim) promoted. @
1114-1117-Undercover Agent, IRIS (Warinir/Daibei), Grad. School, promoted. @
1118-1121-Undercover Agent, IRIS (Warinir/Daibei), Psionic Institute, promoted. @
1122-1125-Undercover Agent, IRIS (Warinir/Daibei) promoted. @
1126-1129-Undercover Agent, IRIS (Deneb/Deneb) promoted. @
1130-1190- Lowberthed during Virus & Collapse.
1190-1201- Free Trader aboard SS TeBiRoCaMon (3 terms).
1202-Present- RCES Remnant "advisor" (heads up the counterintelligence section, called "The Admiral's Men"). "Officially", teaches at Aubaine University, Dept. of History.
Skills: Languages 10 (Vilani 2/11; Aslan 2/11; Droyne 2/11; Vegan 1/10; Sol-Gaelic 1/10; Sol-Chinese 1/10; Sol-German 1/10; Sol-Japanese 1/10); History 5/18; Research 3/16; Investigation 5/14; Instruction 3/12; Intrusion 6/17*; Interrogation 3/12; Streetwise 8/17; Gambling 8/17; Gun combat 11 (Slug pistol 9/18; Slug Rifle 2/11) Disguise 6/16; Computer 6/19; Env. Suit 4/13; 0-Gee Env. 4/13; Melee (Unarmed Combat) 6/17*; Act/Bluff 8/18; Communications 3/16; Ship's Engineering 1/14; Ship's Weapons 2 (Missiles 1/14; Energy 1/14); Ship's Gravitics 1/14; Robotics 1/14; Electronics 2/15; Navigation 4/13; Pilot (Interface-grav) 3/14*; Will Power 6/14; Medical 4 (Trauma aide 2/15; Diagnosis 2/15); Persuasion 3/13.
Psionics (8): Telepathy ( Telempathy 8/16; Probe 4/12; Shield 4/12).
Martin Rourke was born the seventh son of a seventh son in a line-marriage family on Hefry in 1083. He had four fathers, and five mothers and was raised among twenty-seven other siblings. He was a prodigy child, completing his Pre-college exams at age 17, entered into the University of Regina on a scholarship. Looking at the job market for a History Degree after graduation, he joined the IISS turning 20, and was assigned to the Long-Range Surveillance Detachment (LRSD) S-3.
His unit saw action in the 5th Frontier War against the Zhodani, his particular outfit was wiped out down to two men, himself, the Comm-operator/ medic, and his CO, whom he carried off on his back some 13km. The betrayal of their unit by an Imperial Admiral to the enemy was captured on Rourke's Comm-gear. They were both decorated, Rourke receiving the Starburst for Extreme Heroism. He later stole off the hospital ship, ISS Rhylanor's Mercy, to Duke Norris' flagship, confronted the traitor, and shot her dead in front of the assembled Admiralty. He was arrested, of course, and discharged, into a Military Prison (Imperial Official Secrets Act of 992, edited these events somewhat). He was recruited there by IRIS (Imperial Regency Intelligence service), at the Duke's behest and, "for the safety of the Imperium, and the Imperial Navy", be sent, "far away from the Marches for an indefinite period."
His first tour of duty was to the Solomani Rim Sector, as cook's mate aboard a Sylea class BB-15, based out of Dingir. His second tour put him up against the likes of SolSec, the Solomani Confederacy's Intelligence agency, operating on old Terra. He was transferred to Warinir, the capital of Daibei Sector, as a graduate student watching for Pro-Solomani agents in the academia haunts of the Sector University (managing to get his Master's Degree was a side benefit).
The Dulinor assassination, Imperial rebellion, and the subsequent Solomani Invasion of 1117 put Daibei-IRIS section on a war footing. In early 1118, Rourke was "on detached duty", and sent to the secret Psionic Institute on Warinir, and maintained his cover as a History Professor (without tenure) at Warinir's Sector University (department of Ancient History). Duke Craig Anton Horvath seceded from the Imperium, defending his region from raiders from Dulinor, the Solomani, and out of Reaver's Deep Sector, Aslan Ihatei fleets, that same year, denying Emperor Lucan his remaining 12 of sixteen original Imperial fleets, and a like number of reserve and colonial fleets. Then Duchess Margaret of Delphi, & the Tukera Lines LIC. fortune (by wedded bliss), also seceded from the Imperium during this time frame.
It was a time of divided allegiances, no less for IRIS-Daibei. The Director of Sector Intelligence (DSI), Travis Hendricksonn was killed in a mysterious shuttle accident later in 1118, along with 123 other poor souls, and the new ambitious DSI, Erich Grimes swiftly began making personnel changes to suit his tenure. The head of the IRIS Directorate, Garran Trainor Hughes was up to his elbows with the Duke of Sol repelling the Solomani Navy in the Solomani Rim, and as long as Grimes made his reports, nothing he did made waves, save locally.
Martin was suddenly on the "outside", and soon afterwards, had only his old chess partner Avraam Sonderscheim, chief cryptologist for IRIS-Daibei as someone who he knew and could trust. Sonderscheim's Psi skill was in the Arcana, a computer empath, who encrypted his data into Holo-plays. He and Martin maintained contact disguised as a Rabbi and a Priest of the Galanglic Thrice Reformed Catholic Church (GTRC ), meeting in an open-air park, every Sabbath. Sonderscheim was in his off duty time, a rabbi of his synagogue, so this was not hard for him to pull off. Martin for his part, at least had been an altar boy in his youth, and a Navy Ship's chaplain's assistant in his second tour in the Rim. The other passion they shared, besides chess, was the works of the Ancient Terran playwright William Shakespeare.
Martin placed himself in the anonymous role of "Agent Hamlet", code name for the man responsible for keeping a watch on the Sector Duke with a bit of help from Avraam, and stayed on the payroll, even after DSI Grimes had him removed for his "Post traumatic Stress syndrome" detached leave, and forcibly "retired" for "medical reasons". Even DSI Grimes had no idea who "Hamlet" was, only that he/she was IRIS, and had eyes/ ears to the Sector Duke, and maintained strictest confidence/ communication via the Chief Crypto man of the Sector Station (Sonderscheim), who also had never met with any of these agents. Orders appointing them came from Hughes' Directorate alone. The DSI received his reports duly from him/her, and never questioned them, as it appeared he/she was a "team-player" in Grimes' side of things.
There were three more such shuttle accidents from 1122 to 1125, and evidence was accumulating for Martin that someone was selectively killing all aboard to hide the specified killings of old-guard IRIS personnel known to Hendricksonn, and a few Federal Navy of Daibei personnel as well. Two were identical to the first: clear weather, no malfunctions, pilots in good health, shuttles with a long detailed history of A-starport class rated maintenance. No bombs, or flight recordings of terrorists hijacking them. They just up and slammed into the barrier reef of the coast of the Ernaix/Tri-cities, killing all aboard, shortly after takeoff. The third went down descending from the orbital starport, but during a fierce storm. But the pilots of Warinir's Shuttle Union had hazard weather ratings on their licenses, and ground control reported no deviation from their beacon until three minutes from landing when the ship veered steeply into the sea, three miles shy of land.
The threads came together on 003-1126, three days after the ISS Arrival Vengeance & its diplomatic mission arrived from Archduke Norris' Domain of Deneb. Avraam discovered a once secret file, "project MacBeth" while compressing database files. A project he had worked on, before the 5th Frontier War and had been field tested during it. "MacBeth" was an electronic warfare virus that attacked a ship's telemetry sensors, and caused it to read them in reverse, or the most hazardous way possible. Out of five attempts, three Zhodani warships had been destroyed; all made to look like complete pilot error or judgement. One of the vessels had been unaffected; the fifth made a forced landing under manual control and averted the fate of the other three. This followed on the heels that a SolSec agent had been allowed to nearly assassinate Duke Craig at student's protest (riled up by the Anti-Imperial ranting of Dr. Ilelik Kuligaan), and the trail led back to Grimes' allowing the fellow planetside in the first place. Avraam sent word by system datanet to Rourke but was killed before they could physically meet on Sixday, 006-1126, by two of Grimes' "wet-work" thugs, named Hannover and Caldwell.
Martin Rourke went to his funeral the following day, 007-1126, and met (from the Arrival Vengeance) another of Avraam's old friends (and former DSI-Deneb), Ms. Megan Janvis, who was part of the entourage of the Marquis of Fulacin, Baron Logan Drak (ADM, INI, 212th Fleet, ret.), leading the mission across the Shattered Imperium. Hannover and Caldwell exceeded orders shadowing the two of them to Martin's favorite dinner establishment; run by the sons of the man whose life he saved. "They were separated, and sorted", Rourke recalled in his memoirs, and left painted blue and in the buff for the police to find in a motel in the red-light district of Ernaix the following morning, unable to remember anything useful, save that Rourke was alive and well, and running. They made for Avraam's place, as a grav biker chick giving a poor old priest a lift to his friend's house, found his files, wiped his personal computer, and activated his "dead switch" worm-virus, eradicating all traces of Avraam Sonderscheim from the planetary nets, as well as Rourke's. This allowed them to use one of five identities the two had assembled since 1118 and DSI Hendricksonn's death.
It took two weeks to crack Avraam's codes, and a chilling detailed plot unfolded to kill the Sector Duke, and a coup d'etat in the Admiralty to seize the 12 Fleets and send them off to Lucan's Imperium "to finish off" Dulinor, "once and for all", and blame the Denebian delegation in the process. Rourke narrowly avoided getting killed three times, and finished off Caldwell and Hannover and their hired muscle, but by aiding the Arrival Vengeance, and with their aide, this course of events was averted. Grimes was imprisoned, VADM Vincent Seward, FN of Daibei COO of INI was found dead by his own hand, as were two-dozen other conspirators in either suicides, or freak accidents. On 026-1126, Martin Francis Rourke left Daibei with the Arrival Vengeance.
On his voyage, he witnessed the surviving polity of the "Duchy of Oases" in Zarushagar Sector; the filth and squalor of the Doomed traders in Massilia Sector; the indentured servitude of Margaret's megacorporations for those lucky enough to flood into her "Safe" domain; and her treatment of those veterans with 50% or more cybernetics as None-persons. They skirted the edge of Lucan's dominion, and bested a confrontation between three Starburst-class light cruisers in a fierce boarding action. He saw firsthand the Black War's horrors in Dagudashaag & Gushmege Sectors before they reached Usdiki, Strephon's factional capital. They returned to a heroes welcome in 1128."
Mr Rourke's career goes on else where, but this was the themed entry into Imperial Space after a year of crossing the Reft & Hierate to reach here by the ISS Arrival Vengeance.
Daibei, it will be noted had a true Intelligence aganecy behind the walls of Academia, as INI Daibei was factionalized, much like IRIS. ALl of this Joe Brown and I extrapolated for the unpublished piece of fiction we worked on together based on the module, and the campaign itself, from notes, Challenge articles, etc.(mid-late eighties, early nineties).
Originally posted by Elliot:
[qb]Although few are interested in the Rebellion, I detect a happy few who like the idea of setting a campaign in the Rebellion in Duke Craig's domain of Daibei.

I hope this post will inspire ideas for the mutual development of the Daibei campaign during the Civil War and Hard Times (and beyond if you like!)

Place your contributions here......
"We few, we happy few. We band of brothers. For he who sheds his blood with me this day shall be my brother, be he ne'er so vile, this day shall gentle his condition. And men abed in England, shall hold their manhoods cheap, and stand accursed, whilst any speaks that fought with us on Crispins Day."-Wm Shakespeare/ Henry V/ Act III, field of Agincourt.

In Daibei, and more importantly, Duke anton Craig Horvath, I postulized for MTU a pocket empire of six-twelve worlds at the least. Of all the factions, his had the most warning aside from Norris BTC, to prepare against the collapse.
In his Logistical mind, IMTU, I had him in 1125 as Hard Times was biting down hard, begin an evacuation of people from Doomed/damaged worlds to more habitable ones. The "Doomed Trade" In Daibei Sector was at least more humane. Worlds with good infrastructure, and those that could handle refugees, new workers were high in demand. Unfortunately, transpor assets were running scarce. Craig had to nationalize the Bulk freighters and escort them with Navy ships on these mercy missions.
One of the things that aided this, I also postulized was the lessening of automation on starships creating more work for those who volunteered to join the Federation Navy. On the Colonial/reserve fleets, as well as those few numbered Imperial fleets he had remaining by the cease fire of the Treaty of Altair 1130.
Using astrographical advantages of his sector (his coreward side the smaller claw of the Great Reft), he established "strongpoints", and choke point worlds, especially at ones with no gas giants. Why? His mind and training in Fleet logistics was geared this way. His motto "Protect these pople" stood for something while all ohers were pursuing a self-defeating pursuit of the iridium throne in a bloody road of attrition or scorched earth policies.

Stars for you Elliot!
Very good - I agree - in fact the Henry V reference does seem to apply as an overriding motto that could be applied to Craig's polity - it is a power that is essentially stable but is will to use its considerable moral/military force to protect its people (the Real Strephon is more a kind of Prospero - exiled due to his lack of attention). In your conception the Daibei pocket empire would be more of a heir to 'keep the flame' than Norris and more of the moral force for reformation than the RC. Shame history wasn't different...

I always thought that Daibei was a perfect place to set the MT campaign and actually integrate the rebellion as a day to day occurance. Spies and assasins everywhere, the charge of the light brigade type mentality, refugees who need medicines, commando missions and merchant missions to assist the polity. It gives the players a sense of purpose, of being to be part of a morally coherent isolated polity.
On your first paragraph, thank you sir. I concur with the analogy of Henry-Craig; and Strephon-Prospero. Maybe we oversimplify, but years and mileage and invective be damned.

Second paragraph: Indeed. I also thought Daibei would be where GDW would "do the TNE thing instead of where it wound up. I saw greg Videll's PE "Duchy of oases; and the Covenant of sufren survive.
No word on Daibei/ or Craig though. In that respect, I felt let down. But i feel invigorated by MJD's work...perhaps some of my hopes and dreams here can become a supplement/ sourcebook for the era. we shall see.
Dave Nilsen seemed to have something of a soft spot for Duke Craig (he singled him out somewhere as "my favorite character I didn't create") so I suspect rather than neglect or oversight the canonical blank over Daibei in TNE was a sign that DN was 'saving it' for later in the story. Broken record time: of course that part of the 'story' never got told, so we'll never know for sure, which is why the rpg-as-story thing just doesn't work -- but no need to rehash that yet again here.

As for MJD's vision, Diaspora Phoenix (read it yet? READ it!!) introduces a group known as the Sons of Craig. While not a true political descendent of the original Federation of Daibei, they are a spiritual/philosophical continuation of Craig's principles, and look to become a significant shaping factor in the NEW New Era.
Craig is my TNE Hero.
Ironic, really, since he never lived to see the end of the Hard Times. Daibei (and Craig) went down fighting, trying to keep the lights on in the darkness. Ultimatly, they failed.
... Or did they?

The lights went out in Daibei, but when they came on again across the old Imperium the men and women who took his name were there to help guide Humaniti back to civilization. Craig turned his back on the 3rd Imperium, but not on its people.

To those in the darkness, his emissaries brought a little hope.

And to the Fourth Imperium Duke Craig can be said to have given a still greater thing. His legacy, if you will.
Originally posted by MJD:
Craig's gift to the 4th Imperium?
He gave it what the 3I lost.

A conscience.
A spoiler for TNE sourcebook?

Loved Diaspora Phoenix!! :cool: :cool:
This discussion reminds me of my impressions when I first read the MT material pertaining to Daibei: I thought, now here's the winner of the Rebellion/Civil War. Daibei has three numbered subsector fleets in the double digit range: a great military resource to call on considering the size of the faction and its largely defensive stance. They combine the talent of any and all expatriates who fled Ilelish and Diaspora with the war. They have the Vegans with their sleek and deadly ships available to them. They have a reinforced brigade of Aslan. And dolphins! Let's not forget the dolphins: an uplifted race with who knows what kind of potential. What with the multi-racial appeal (so much more sucessful than the tragic League of Antares) and strong moral stance implied by Craig's loyalty to the people, I thought Daibei couldn't lose.
The Rebellion/Hard Times has been my favorite Travller setting. I have not done much with Daibei sector, with the exception of Arrival Vengeance.

I have personnaly favored Gushemege. Three factons I find the most intersting all intersect there (Lucan, Dulinor, and Strephon). Daibei is also in a similar situation with Lucan, Daibei, and the Solomani in the mix.

I think the border region between Lucan's Imperium and Daibei would be an interesting setting. I see much potential there.