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Drop Capsules


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Drop Capsules and Drop Troops are mentioed in several CT products (Kinuir (sp?) and others), but never clear rules for them are given, especially their tonnage and cost (both capsule and launcher). I generally like the concept, and I would like to implement it - but I would need the stats/rules.
Striker says:KCr10, 1Td, 1 capsule ready, 1/30 sec launch rate. Additional ready magazine is 1/2Td and KCr1 per capsule.

Basic capsules KCr2
Assault Capsules KCr10, MT/Striker AV20 (converts to 5.95cm Steel Equivalence, which is, IIRC, 48 AV for TNE), PD (Point Defense) Weapons fire normally, non PD weapons roll (9+Tldc-Tlfc) or more to make effective fire (IE, normal to hit rolls).
(as a CT Comparison, it's tougher than Battledress... I'd call it BD+2) Tlfc= Tech Level of Fire Control; Tldc=TL of Drop Capsule.
High Survivability Capsules: KCr58, MT/Striker AV 28 (Converts to 11.9cm of steel, or roughly TNE AV 95, again IIRC), and only PD weapons can fire upon it.

Note that the listed AV is striker rating in equivalent thickness of TL6 hard steel.
There is also a equipment data sheet of personal reentry kits in MegaTraveller Journal 3.

TL Vol Wt Price
8 20 l 14.5 kg 15000
10 16 l 11 kg 12000
13 12 l 8 kg 10000

TL Weight Capacity Comment
8 400 kg Parawing
10 400 kg GravChute
13 600 kg GravBelt

Task to complete reentry phase:
Diff, EDU, see below (haz, fateful)
- per level of VaccSuit,Computer,Pilot,Nav +1
- control computer tied to orbital nav system +2
- no task required if vector setting is made by launching craft
- athmo type B: +1
- athmo type C: -2

Time required:
M = 6 * (Size code * 2D6)