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Dragon Con 2002

I'll be there only on Saturday. The con falls in the middle of my work week and I could only get that Saturday off.
Originally posted by ScoutCadet469:
How was DragonCon? I had a friend that went, but I haven't had a chance to talk to him.


Con was great :D , though perhaps a bit more subdued than last year. A number of Dealers said that sales were down. Costumes were good, but not as many truly unique and cool ones as last year.

Didn't do any gaming - largely cuz it was dominated by RPGA, and I am not a member (tried it a couple times, just not my thing).

I was disappointed that QLI wasn't there. Heck, even Iron Crown had a booth there (though WoTC didn't).

Best session was "Religious Right vs. Gaming" by Michael Stackpole. Very informative AND entertaining. Mr. Stackpole only presented facts, and did so in a very constructive and positve manner - coulda listened to him for another 2 hours. Best session I have attended so far in three DragonCon's.

Picked up copies of all the BITS Little books (101 Cargoes, 101 Travellers, etc.) - something I couldn't find at my FLGS. Also picked up the deck plans from Fading Suns (Holistic had a big booth) - they look much more useful to me than the GURPS plans I already own, and were cheaper.

Already making plans to go next year. Hopefully there will be some T20 events, centering around the 1 year anniversdary of the release of the game. COurse that means we would have to get the book sometime soon . . . but thats another thread.