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SOC-14 5K
I just love the idea of the Dominate as one of the central antagonists in 1248. However, what future could see for the Dominate, what high tech biotech weapons could be on the horizon. As the Capital Sector's high tech automated industries begin a secret Dominate-led retooling efforts.

Furthermore, as the Avatars get reborn how much stronger ought we make the Dominate. I was struck how the leader was called a prophet...how many more prophets till a messiah emerges.
Thanks, MJD, as you may guess my reading has not got there yet. However, I would want to find ways to power up the Dominate, less they become as ineffectual as the Borg became in ST. Biotech is not my strong point, therefore, are we likely to see devices from DC's Dark Tek emerge or are we likely to just see more terminator-style devices...just picking the brains of others to make the adventures more cool.

And, what of the second part. Reading the bible, it likely that we might see a long run of several prophets before a messiah or we could read the koran and believe that there is only the prophet. Lots of potential for Referee villainy, as I see it. Will the Dominate ever be developed further?
In response to a PM. Darktech was a Dark Conspiracy product in which essentially drew upon the psychic or lifeforce energy to project nastiness. It has been a long time since I looked at it but essentially with the Virus and Psionics being interlinked, I see the development of such weaponry the next level of psionic based weaponry. Of course, Dark Tek makes all sorts of magical assumptions but this just because the tech is not yet fully understood (following Clarke's law). I am sure others would be better qualified to help out here.

Whilst cruising on the Internet found this site ( Dark Traveller ), so clearly someone else has been thinking the same way.
That's pretty cool, actually.

I will freely admit to yanking a couple beasties from DarkCon because they were usable in TNE and some were particularly nasty. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the old DarkCon stuff anymore. :(
Mostly you'll see fanatical K'Kree fighting alongside self-aware combat robots. If you want biotech and whatnot, fine, but mostly you'll just see raw fanaticism and atrocities.
Even in a stampede which is akin to what the K'kree crusade is...there is always a directing force, whether it be the Alpha Males or just the lay of the land. They will always avoid the edge of cliff and usually with such determination that they will stample anything else. Within the core of every herds of crusaders, there will be something directing that is not entirely K'kree nor Virus but evolution of both.