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Does anyone know how to get Profiteer (on-line sfrpg) to run on a Mac?


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They say it can.

They tease me with the Mac system requirements, needing OSX 10.3 and IE 5.5.

Well I've upgraded to OSX 10.3.

I tried to upgrade to IE 5.5, but it doesn't exist! 5.2.3 is the highest I can get for Mac.

So what gives.

Does anyone know? Is anyone a player?

I've managed to fool it to take me to the start page, but none of the log-in links functions and the message board is 404.

I have sent an email to the makers (whose address I could only get after fooling the homepage) but don't hold out much hope.

So, if any of you got any info, that would be much appreciated.
Will it work in Firefox? Except a few, very specific (and non-standard) things, Firefox works on IE-only websites for me. (Of course, I'm not using a Mac, you poor boy.... Atari rules! Oh, wait...)
Try Firefox (mozilla.org), iCab (icab.de) or Opera (opera.com).
Oh, BTW, there is not likely to be a 5.5 for IE on Mac. As mac's market share slowly inches upwards, MS seems less willing to support it.