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trader jim

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what is the difference between an alien and a beast if you cant tell the difference any way??
how do you tell them apart when both are likly to kill you.....a type of TEST maybe???
Not sure if there is a difference anything that dont come from your planet is alien and beast I would think is another word for animal..ie unintelligent. So u could be an alien beast jus a beast (like my brother) or jus alien. Try saying sommut an if they try an bite ya shoot em!!
The alien would be the one flying a ship to your planet to munch on your liver. the beast you will have to go to it's home planet.
I think of the hierarchy as:

1. Beast (benevolent as in "The mule is a beast of burden.")

2. Creature or Organism (neutral as in "Captain, the tricorder has readings on those unidentified creatures the red coats are exploring.")

3. Monster (malevolent as in "The monster killed my brother.")

Hope that helps.

How the referee plays them.

In MgT, there are Animals(Beasts) and Aliens(Aliens). Beasts use the Instinctive behaviors (Attack or Flee) in all situations unless the Referee fudges it. (CT had that also). Aliens do not.

How the players deal with incomprehensible behavior or violent behavior is their problem.

The TEST might be the NAS (Neural Activity Sensor)...