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Detroit area Travellers?

I'll be moving back to the Detroit area in the next couple of months and am interested in starting a CT game. Is there anyone in the Downriver area that might be interested?
I have a T20 game that is just getting started in Canton. I could probably use another player. Email me at cdpratt#gatecom.com if your interested.
I have been searching for a game to join for a LONG... time. All I see is D&D this and D&D that.
I grew up on D&D and still am playing, but I want to play in a different setting for a change.
Still looking for a Traveller campaign to play in here in the Detroit area. :( Valen's people didn't want to play in one right now. Bummer. :(
Let me know if you find some others who are interested, Grimjack. Sounds like fun if I can find the time....