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Denver/Colorado (1819)

I have also started a new game of Traveller in the Denver area and I am seeking players.

Game System: T20

Era: 001-1105 Third Imperium, Spinward Marches

Players: Currently with 5 players, seeking 2 or 3 more.

Location: Denver, near the airport.

Schedule: We have a game session about two Saturdays a month, from 2 pm to 7 pm. We play D&D twice then Traveller once, so we play Traveller about once every 6 weeks (sooner, if the players decide to paly more often).

Aboutthe referee: I started playing D&D when I was 13 back in 1976, I also bought the very first box of Traveller at the game store (the first one in Denver to be sold ever!) and have played it sporadically over the years. I have quite a collection of Traveller books, including the famous "Atlas of the Imperium." I am more into role-playing, not mercenary missions and not gearhead adventures.

We just began, so this is the best time to jump in. Beginners and the curious are encouraged to join.

Phone call inquiries welcome.

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That's the trick about Traveller--it's mutated so much that finding players can be hard, and then, when you find them, they're playing a different system.


Still playing?

I am moving to Denver in the spring. Looking for any thing established up there.

D&D since the first blue boxed set, Avalon Hill for a couple of years before that. Traveller had most of the classic LBBs, never got into the other versions, but did have mayday, snapshot, AHL Fifth Frontier WAR, and some of the adventures.

Been in a PBEM T20, but the pacing sucks.

Seems like a good game, but takes a week to two weeks for everybody to update a single action.

Let me know off list at MrTek2003@yahoo.com, if you might have room.