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Deeply bent topic #345


I was sitting around with the Dad, and we got to talking about serialized movies from the early early days. Then it struck me what a hoot it would be to run a standard traveller game like such - as a movie director would have his vision of a script: what would an old serial director see?

You wouldn't have to change a word of canon material - just the 'direction':

Imagine the fearsome Zhodani, with their killer robots (squareish clunking things with claws - 'obviously a man in a suit'look) - and the heavy Bela Lugosi lighting accentuating their strange hypnotic eyes over the cheesy fu manchu moustache and beard!

Imagine the sleek scout squadrons of the good Imperium - Captain 'Trick' McNulty of the Scout/Courier ISS Lunar Lightning and his crack crew of vacc suited spacemen!

Imagine the huge and war-like Aslan....friend or foe, these noble Lion-men?!?

Get your pistols ready (standard .45 colts or futuristic Laser Rifles!) and prepare for Jump Drive, men! The Imperium needs our help...again!

(Hopefully we won't fall prey to the decietful mercenary Sword Worlders, pirating Dog-men (Vagr) or the lures of the Amazon women of the Five Sisters!)

Next Week: 'Trick' McNulty and the Bat-men of the Ancients! (Get YOUR 'real' Coyne with every purchase of Ovaltine!)

See ya' then!


(apologizing in advance, but....really having fun...do you think Avery will produce such a sourcebook?)
Nah, that's T20

And part of me still adores Flash Gordon the Movie. And the only part of ST:Voyager I ever really liked was the Captain Proton stuff...
Gatsby, old sport!
That is truly bent and deeply twisted! Worse! It sounds like somthing that would've been written by Steve Jackson!