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Deckplans wanted - Subsidized Liner


SOC-14 1K
I'm looking for deckplans for the Subsidized liner as shown in "Signal GK." Is there anything available online? I am having difficulty locating a copy of the adventure itself.
The other published location would be FASA's Adventure Class Ships, Vol 2. Those plans are currently held by Seeker.

The linked deckplans above are a variation from the original, but pretty cool regardless.

Another published variation is the Vigilante, from Assignment: Vigilante, a late MT folio adventure set during Hard Times. No longer a liner, but a Q-Ship/Carrier.

I have a WIP re-draw of the T4 version (from T4: Starships) at my site, but it definitely isn't the same hull as the CT version.

Thanks, Gypsy. I had this nagging feeling that I had seen a version of the Subsidized Liner with the bridge at the front of the saucer, but I thought I was mis-remembering.

Now, I realize that I've had it all along on the MT CD.

Originally posted by Joseph Kimball:
You seem to be looking to the one specific set/style/hullform. There are, in addition, a number of deckplans that meet the specs for the Type M, while being quite different in form.
Yes, I am looking for the specific form factor of the Bastien/Stellar class. However, I did come across yours in the process of searching the net.

What did you use to create your plans?
I seem to recall something about subsidized ships being designed after the route was set so that the ship could be customized to make the best use of the route. Under this assumption, wouldn't the fixed part be engineering and the amount of space used by staterooms, cargo, and service craft and their hangers vary from ship to ship. While a liner primarly carries people, it can also carry frieght or cargo as well and vise versa for merchants. My assumption would be that a liner earns more from passengers than cargo and frieght, but that you may need to devote some of the space for that purpose.