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Deckplan graphics and utilities

I'm sure it's been posted a dozen times over but I seem to be blind tonite
I want to make deckplans for the ships I'm working on, but rather than get out the drafting pencil, where can I find the neat deckplan graphics I'm seeing everyone use? I've also heard there is a program or two that helps generate deckplans, yes? Can anyone point me in the right directions?
Yes, ProFantasy's Campaign Cartographer does, if you also get the Dungeon Designer Add-on for interiors. They are planning a Space Ship add on now, so that shouldn't be too long in coming, but for the meantime, you can still do good plans with CC2 plus DD2 and the symbols and star ship maps available to download from their site if you are a Registered User. There is a trial version available for download too.

http://www.profantasy.com/ is the main site.
and go to here for maps...
http://www.profantasy.com/library/default.asp and ask it to Search for Keyword *starship* for some deck plans.
As a Mac user, most of my deckplan work has been with ClarisWorks (now, again, AppleWorks), which has a fairly competent drawing package. I don't use nearly all of its capability for my plans, as I'm aimed more at usefulness instead of appearance when it comes starship maps.
I use Profantasy software and like it. Yes it does have a bit of a big learningcurve but you can do most anything with it.

Many web sites feature CC2 deckplans and some deckplans are availabe for download from Profantasy.
I've used Deneba's Canvas a bit for deck plans, and I would expect that Canvas would be terrific for extensive use in deckplans. Canvas is an awesome general graphics package whose main strength is dealing with vector/object graphics.

Big advantages are good usability (much more so than CC2) and availability for Windows and Mac.

Big disadvantage is price (several hundred dollars), so Canvas is generally out of most people's price range unless you also need it for work or general graphics use.

Deneba's website is http://www.deneba.com

Thanks for the info guys!

Until I get hold of those programs and try them out, I've used my handy scanner
Since I work a lot with Photoshop I scanned in one of the deckplan grid sheets and the legends from a few deckplans premade. I took the individual graphics and set them up as layers so I can build my plan on the grid while bringing in chairs, iris valves, etc. as I need them
I did the deckplan for my Sundog 100 ton modular scout last night and it worked great. If anyone wants to make use of these let me know and I'll make the phototshop files available.
Yo soloprobe not everyone has forgotten graph paper. I still use graph paper to make classic Traveller ships (I have the re-prints). I've made some cool ships that way. Like a 600 ton sallvage/mineing ship(Note: Lots of shotguns 'cause well ya never know :D )
I've used a lot of graph paper. I still use it for roughing out a basic design.

Now I go from there to CC2 Pro and then do final touch-ups of the results in Paint Shop Pro.
A couple of years ago I tried using Catia and Unigraphics (both serious 3D CAD packages), but the boss insisted I use them to work on cars instead :-(

Back to squared paper and having fun with it!
My use of graph paper depends on the ship. If i'm trying to match a piece of artwork, I will generally start with graph paper, since idea roughs work better in that medium. If I'm coming from whole cloth imagination, I generally start with the computer.
Originally posted by soloprobe:
And here I thought I was dealing ,with a generation that forgot graph paper........ :cool:
NA!, say that to the "next" generation that will only know PF's excellent CC2 (pro on order haven't got it yet...)
And when the add-on "CC2 Space" comes out... there goes anyone using graph paper again... <g>
I've been doing graphic design in some form or fashion for a while now, so I like things to look professional. As I mentioned, I've scanned TAS Form 66, the Starship Deckplan Grid onto my computer and it worked well creating my deckplan in photoshop.

I've got the individual bits...iris valves, hatches, chairs, etc. in layers so I can call them up as needed. Easier to edit and move things around too
The point is even though I'm drawing on computer, I think I'll be staying with graph paper for quite some time

If you haven't seen my deckplan in my Sundog postings here it is as an example

Sundog Deckplan
Originally posted by soloprobe:
You mean I alone still make deckplans!? Has everyone forgoten how to use Graph paper?
Yes. :D

I use Photoshop and Freehand for deckplans and maps. InDesign and Pagemaker for handouts and the like. Trying to learn Lightwave (just started) to do 3D ships.

I still deckplan by hand - Then do the final version on the computer - makes it easier to share with my friends (They are all tech heads too)