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Dawning Star RPG?



Not sure whether this goes here (cos it could be vaguely useful for Traveller) or in Random Static (cos it's a different RPG)...

Has anyone had a look at the Dawning Star RPG? Looks kinda intriguing, it's a d20 "firm science" RPG. Their new supplement (Helios Rising) caught my eye because IMO it has a very gorgeous cover!

DTRPG has a nice pic of the cover

Looks kinda cool... possibly something to plunder for T20?
Either. Both.

Nice map on the downloads page.

Plundering for T20? Well, T20 is intentionally not interoperable with others... so it shouldn't be any harder than any other d20 product.... ;)
Agreed, about the cover. That would stand out on the shelves...Traveller artists take note! Interior art seems to be a fusion between pastercine & anime. Covers like this will sell to SF audience and now that Drive Through is doing POD for novels this is something we have to consider to tap into the larger audience.

I rather like the premise of Shadow Falling adventure and will now look to adapt.