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David Dietrick artwork

I think I saw some for sale on eBay this week. Marc Miller (yes THAT one) is selling them under his alias there, along with a bunch of signed Keith artwork. Here's his current auction list. Of course now that I've told everybody here I have no chance of them fitting in my budget :rolleyes: oh well.

Hey! Maybe I get a finder's fee :D ;)

Here's a direct link to the Deitrick Gamblers I was looking at. There might be more there or to come later.

Of course the one I really wanted was The Girl but at $41 its over my budget :( Not that its not worth every penny it gets mind.
Farfuture.net lists those auctions from the main page. (not sure if those sections are still being maintained on a regular basis)

FWIW I've bought some misc. rpg books from him before via ebay and the service was very good.