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datajack/wetware implants:

I'm detailing, gradually, a very hightech/high espionage world for my campaign, and I'm playing around with the datajack idea for certain purposes. now, I don't think it's really viable to give it full neural interface with a computer, but here's some things I have decided to toss into the mix:

HUD display/hookups
Vehicle control mechanisms (Allowing a vehicle to use remote control instead of manned control, even though it has a 'driver')
internal communicators
Control of cybernetic devices implanted in (Alied... or not) other people.

Any other ideas? I'm looking to make these guys faily creepy.
That would be Fire, Fusion, & Steal, yes? hm. Ok, I think I'm actually going to have to go out and buy some old traveller stuff, and convert it to T20 myself...
Originally posted by thrash:
The original article on cybernetics in Traveller is "Computer Implants" by J. Andrew Keith, JTAS #22, pp. 9-12. (1985)

Good commentary on both advantages and disadvantages, and it has aged fairly well.
Is that on the web someware?
The dolphin article in JTAS also mentions datajacks, starting at TL12, I think. The info is carried forward into MT with the dolphin article in DGP's TD13, and into T20 with the Starfall book.

Hope this helps,