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Darwin's World T20 Campaign Update


Some folks here will remember that I'm running a T20 game in which my ship crew got marooned on Darwin's World (great d20 game, btw).

Recent events included a lesson on why Swimming is one SUPER important skill. Half of the ships crew died because they ended up being dumped into a small lake, about 3 rounds swim from a shore. Carrying normal equipment, dropping everything they had in hand (including some irreplacable weaponry) 3 out of 6 crew drowned. Dead, dead, dead.

DC10 check for swim in calm water. That's fine, but -1 to the roll for every 5kg worth of equipement being carried or worn... death on a stick for folks with no swim skill, heh. Or even folks with a rank or two in swim.

Lesson of the day, make damn sure you have at LEAST +5 to swim. No matter if you never use it. Because IF you need it, it's a do or DIE situation.