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Dagudashaag 1120


I need some help from someone who is good with some of the mapping programs that exist out there.

Can someone create for me a sector .pdf image of Dagudasgaag circa 1120 like the ones that currently exist for the Gateway Domain for an earlier era?

I would appreciate the help!
Am I misremembering, or is Dagudashaag one of the sectors in which we re-did the stars for 1248?
There is a major rewrite of Dag for the Rebellion era by Leighton who is doing a CD ROM of Signal GK which was set in Dag. You might also want to contact him. Also, for the CT era, there always is the Zhodani Base which has maps.
Also, do a search for "Gateway to PDF". The main page is gone, but you can save a copy of the cached version of the webpage to your own machine, and still download the files.

That will give you the power to make your own PDFs of *.sec files, for this and other projects.

The directions are very easy to follow, too.

Hope this helps,